A Stirling adventure

Today I decided to go out geocaching for the first time in four years. It was also the first time I’ve ever gone on a solo adventure and the first time I’ve ever done one in an urban environment. Sadly, it was also the first time I didn’t find the cache.

Still, I had a fantastic day out and I am hoping that I can find the cache with some more work. (Never give up!)

For my return to the game (sport?) I chose a local hunt on www.geocaching.com. The trail is called “Stirling’s Hidden Gems” and is an architectural tour through the city centre. Despite living in Stirling for more than a year, it was a great chance to really look at the buildings. I learned a lot about the local history and saw all kinds of interesting details I’d never before noticed as I gathered the numerical clues found in the design of each building.

Once I gathered my clues, I enjoyed a late lunch whilst I deciphered the GPS location based on those clues. Then, with my belly full and my gadget phone pointing me toward my determined coordinates, I set out to find my treasure. But, as previously mentioned, I came up empty-handed.

Despite that, I had a fantastic day and I’m really pleased that I made myself get out of the flat. And because I know you’re sad that you weren’t with me, here are some photos of the day’s adventure. And when (if?) I find my treasure, I will be sure to let you know!

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