A sulk-less Valentine’s Day challenge

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’ve already started hearing and reading comments from people about dreading the day because they’re all alone. And I get it, I really do, because even though I’ve never been a big celebrator of the day, it is another reminder that Paul isn’t here to be my Valentine – and that I’ve yet to find someone new to spend the day with.

Part of me wonders why we allow ourselves to get so worked up over what is really “just another day” but at the same time, I do understand. I mean, I spent Christmas sulking, so who am I to say people can’t sulk on some other holiday if they choose?

But, I choose not to sulk for Valentine’s Day this year.

In fact, this year not only am I not sulking, but I’m going to try to bring a little joy to others. Because I like spreading joy and I know how much others enjoy receiving a bit of unexpected joy. And I am setting out a challenge for others to do the same!

What do I mean by spreading joy? Well, it could be different for everyone.

You could reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. An old friend, an old flame, or even someone from your family you’ve not had time for. You never know, they might be feeling lonely on Valentine’s Day, too. Send them a letter or a card—or call them up now to make plans to meet up on Valentine’s Day. (This would also be great for an elderly neighbour!)

Or you could bring some joy to a stranger! Call up your local senior centre or nursing home – or even the local hospice – to see if they need Valentine’s Day volunteers! Or make up some fun Valentine’s cards to take to the local hospital’s geriatric ward.

Me? I’m going to make cards for strangers! I’ve dug through the boxes of craft goodies my friend left me and I’ve picked out everything I think would make a nice card. And over the next few days, I’m going to make cards to send to the local hospice.

I know it seems silly, but if my efforts can brighten just one person’s day, it will be worth it!

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