Feeling dotty

I’m still struggling with the sadness that came over me yesterday. Not in an “I’m still sad” way but in a “Big episodes of grief really wipe me out” way. So I decided I’d take it easy and doodle for a bit after dinner.

The evening’s doodles are really more dottles; which is about right since I’m feeling a bit dotty today.

This makes me smile because dotty is a British slang term for mentally unbalanced, eccentric, or amusingly absurd – all terms that could be used to describe me most days.

3 Replies to “Feeling dotty”

  1. “My 2010 resolution is to find a bit of joy every day. Each day, I will think about the things that bring me joy and share them here. On a bad day, that joy may be as simple as a joke that made me smile – and on a good day, I may find it hard to pick just one joyful thing. But every day, there will be joy!” Sound familiar? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find today’s joy. 🙂
    In “real life,” this may not sound convincing at all since I’m bawling my eyes out as I’m typing. I might have to use your resolution for next year because obviously what I’m doing isn’t helping!

    1. Sharon, I can’t begin to tell you how good it’s been for me to ‘force’ myself to find joy each day. Making myself reflect on the day’s events really has been therapeutic.
      I’ve been very flattered by people who’ve contacted me saying they’ve started the same thing or something similar for themselves.
      AND you don’t have to wait until the New Year. You can start finding joy today!
      I hope today is more laughter and less tears for you! Take care! xx

  2. i used to sneer at the “practising gratitude” mantra of the touchy feely brigade until i was forced into it with my mama renew group – even a rushed few minutes at the end of the day cataloging something positive (sad but true, this was about my husband who was a huge source of my misery at the time) was enough to make a few positive neural pathways and change my underlying mood.
    it does work and the benefits have lasted 🙂
    PS: love the dots

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