Funny forks

I love the way people can share the most mundane everyday details of their lives with the world thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web. And I think it’s funny that so many people I know share photos of their food on various online mediums. There are photos on Facebook, Flickr, websites, blogs, and even multimedia messages sent between mobile communication devices.

But here’s the thing with food pictures: Most of them look funny. Well, at least the ones where the photo is staged with eating utensils in the shot.

I look at most of those pictures and I feel they’re off balance. There’s something funny about them. And today I realised what it is that bugs me so much: People take photos of their plates and bowls full of food but they put their forks and spoons on the wrong side! Certainly, the correct placement is the left side, as that’s the correct hand for using said implement. (Knives are permitted on the right side, however.)

I just thought I’d share that random little observation with you. My fellow right-brained “correct-handers” will understand, even if my wrong-handed readers don’t.

Everyone is born right-handed… only the gifted overcome it!

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