Her Majesty’s big day

It’s Friday, April 29, 2011. It’s a date that will be remembered around the world as a commoner weds a prince in a faraway land.

But, more importantly, it’s my mummy’s birthday. And because I don’t really mind my age being shared with the world, I will go out on a limb here and tell you that it’s her 64th birthday.

Now, I think it would be fair to say that Mum is very, very [censored] off that her day has been overshadowed by the royal nuptials. I can’t really blame her for that, since I’m a bit sick of hearing about the wedding, too.

To make up for her spoiled day, I’m sending a big shout-out for the whole world to read. Well, the extremely small portion of the world that reads my blog anyhow.

Happy birthday, Mum!

(I should note here that I’ve failed to post Mum’s birthday card. So it will be late. Sadly, my nephew, Adrian, turns 12 tomorrow and his card hasn’t been posted either. I’m really slacking!!)

4 Replies to “Her Majesty’s big day”

  1. Happy Birthday Frances’s Mom! I ain’t watching the nuptuals. Or the NFL draft, come to think of it. You rock.

  2. Your birthday was so special they gave us all an extra day off work today. Wow! It meant many of my friends passed the time until they could wish you happy birthday watching some young couple getting married in London. Weird!
    Hope you have a good one, Barbara.

  3. Thank you, one and all!! I actually got to watch my news program this morning and there was very little about the wedding. I will be wearing my purple tiara at some time today…thank you, Frances, for that.
    There is a bit of sadness today…one of my favorite newscasters is leaving to take on the business world on his own… It does, however, leave a spot on the morning news for my other favorite newscaster to move on up!!
    Rebecca, I’m glad you have an extra day off work. I hope you put it to good use and enjoyed yourself!
    Michael, what’s NFL?

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