That Cook Girl

I am a Cook Girl. The preantepenultimate Cook Girl, to be precise. Growing up in a small town with five sisters who could easily be identified as my siblings, “That Cook Girl” was a familiar term. Of course, I was also used to hearing things like “Oh yeah, you’re the weird one,” and “Um, didn’t you have blue hair yesterday?” after it being confirmed that I was, in fact, one of the Cook Girls.

So when the antepenultimate Cook Girl was hoping to register her first-ever web domain, I (also known as That Geeky Cook Girl) offered to host it on my account – after all, I have more than enough server space so I might as well share the joy.

But Celeste didn’t know what to use for a domain. She wanted something kitchen-y, as her existing blog was all about cooking and stuff. So we tried this and that and the next thing. On a whim, I checked out and it was available – to which Celeste was thrilled. Even though she didn’t get the “That Girl” connection. (I suppose that could be construed as one of my many failures as a big sister.)

I know what you’re thinking: “OK! OK! What is the point already?”

Well, the point is this: Celeste launched her new site today,, and I want to make certain that I get the credit for coming up with such a cool domain. If I’m honest, I wish that I didn’t tell her about the find – then I could have registered it for myself and had the domain forward to Just Frances. Damn! Why did I have to be such a nice big sister?!

Anyhow, check out That Cook Girl’s website at (you’ll never guess this URL!)

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