The tears of Tabata

I joined a gym last year intending to improve my overall physical health. At the time, I eschewed the idea of taking any of the classes they offered because I don’t enjoy group exercise. But I decided a couple of weeks ago that maybe I should give it a try, in the hopes that it would be a motivator as well as a core-strengthener.

I knew I couldn’t do any martial arts or other contact activities because of my bleeding disorder. I also knew it was pointless to attempt dance-style classes like Zumba because I’m not that coordinated. And, of course, I knew yoga and Pilates were out because, well … snooze!

That left me with a variety of high-intensity interval training programmes with or without weights. And when I looked at the times the classes were offered, I was left with something called Tabata. So, after a quick Google search to find out what Tabata meant, I hesitantly (and slightly excitedly) registered for the class.

Going into the class, I knew it would be hard work. But, I’m a runner. Not just a wee mile here and there but half and full marathons. Really hard endurance stuff. So 30 minutes worth of high-intensity callisthenics should be doable, despite being a bit of a challenge.

I was wrong. It was not a “bit of a challenge” – it was a butt-kicking, body-killing, workout session!

OK, it was probably made worse by the fact that I’d just run a half marathon three days before. But even without that, my muscles were put to the test.

And 24 hours later, I’m really feeling the pain!

But, no pain; no gain. Or so they say.

So I signed up for next week’s Tabata class, too. And eventually, my body will be strengthened enough to bounce right back after a class. Of course, that will also mean I’ll need to push myself a bit harder.

I am crying from the pain, but I’m sure these Tabata tears will do my body good in the long run!

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