A treat for my “half” birthday

I don’t really celebrate my birthday, however, in recent years I have marked the occasion by treating myself to a nice present or a trip (sometimes both!). The tradition was started on my first widowhood birthday at the age of 36 and has carried on ever since. Only this year, I never got around to treating myself!

The day before my birthday, I made a trip to Aberdeen for a (successful!) job interview. I had thought about turning the trip into a long weekend somewhere nearby, but I couldn’t decide on where to go. Instead, I decided that I would treat myself to a nice new work handbag. Something fairly pricey (for me) and that would last for years to come.

A few busy days meant that I couldn’t get to the shops to look for the perfect bag, and I didn’t want to make the purchase online. I had a look around when I was in Cambridge but didn’t see the right bag. So, I decided I would go into the city centre later in March to look in the shops.

And then the full force of the COVID19 situation became clear and I went into hiding, where I (mostly) remain today.

When I realised that my half-birthday was on the horizon, I decided that it was the perfect time to treat myself to something pretty. That led me to Esty where I search for “simple” silver earrings. There were so many to chose from, but I decided quite easily for which ones to get – and I made a note of the seller’s shop so that I can get a second pair that I liked later.

And so, today is my half birthday. Yes, I am 46 and a half years old!

And much like my actual birthday, there will be no celebration. But my earrings arrived in time so that my half-birthday won’t go gift-less as my full birthday did!

Also, the photo doesn’t do them justice, but you’ll be able to see them “in action” in future photos as they will go into service immediately as a pair of everyday adventure earrings!

A quick review

I ordered these “dainty” silver earrings from Tracy Anne Jewellery for less than £20, including signed-for and tracked delivery. When the box arrived (the next day) I was excited to see how well everything was presented. Inside of the shipping box was a little gift bag and a pretty box that housed the earrings on a nice piece of branded card. There was also a hand-written thank you note and a bonus of a little cleaning cloth.

I would have been happy with just the earrings (they are just what I wanted) but the lovely packaging made the gift that much nicer. And that means that I will definitely be ordering a second pair of earrings for myself!

Disclaimer: I have not been remunerated for this review. My blog is not used for income generation and I do not accept solicitations for product reviews or recommendations. However, when I am happy with a service or product, I am always more than happy to shout out.

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