Pizza, pizza!

My foster daughter had a visit with her mom tonight which meant I was on my own for dinner. So, I decided to stop into The Green Frog in Palouse on my way home to grab some grub to-go.

On Friday Eve, they do pizzas. (That’s Thursday nights, if you wondered.) It’s a fun and funky hippy(ish) restaurant about nine miles south of the small town I live in. Though with a population of about 1,000, you could argue that Palouse, too, is a small town. But I digress…

Their pizzas are basic and rustic—with an interesting array of toppings. Of the nine varieties, only two have meat! Their lunch menu is equally vegetarian-friendly, which is a bit unique in a farming community. [She says digressing again…]

I couldn’t decide what to get, so decided to get two pizzas: The Sparky and The Lola.

The Sparky is described as having “Fire roasted tomato sauce, mozzarella, and ham, ham, ham.”

The Lola boasts “Pesto, spinach, tomato, feta, toasted walnuts, grilled garbanzo beans [chickpeas], mozzarella, black olives, and basil ribbons.”

I would add the following description to both: “Yum, yummy, and yummy-licous!”

Oh, and to wash it all down I got a Deschutes Brewery Inversion IPA. Yum!

Yay! for solo dining evenings! And Yay! for left-over pizza for tomorrow’s lunch!

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